CEN and CENELEC celebrate 60 years of Contributing to Standardization in 2020 

According to existing official records, an Agreement of principle was reached on 10 June 1960, during a meeting in Zurich attended by each EEC and EFTA country and ISO and IEC members, on the creation of “two parallel European standards organizations, one for ISO members and one for IEC members, and that the membership of these two bodies would be open to the ISO member bodies and IEC national committees in countries belonging the to the EEC and EFTA.” This date has been chosen as the official birthday of CEN and it coincides also with the establishment of CENELEC (at that moment known as CENELCOM). Based on this, 2020 is a year of celebrations, as it is the 60th anniversary of that agreement of principle. 

It is an opportunity for CEN and CENELEC to launch several activities to commemorate this occasion:

Faces of Standardization

‘Faces of standardization’ is a project that will run all through 2020. It consists of a series of regular, monthly interviews to individuals who have been involved in different capacities in European standardization. The objective is to showcase the human aspect of standardization, i.e. give an overview of European standardization’s successes through the people who made it possible. For this reason, the selection of interviewees should be inclusive, to show the variety within the standardization community.

#TrustStandards Social Media Journey

A special and dedicated #TrustStandards token (keychain) is available at the reception of the CEN-CENELEC Management Centre meeting Centre.

Wherever you are in the world, take a picture with the token and post it on social media:

  • Use #TrustStandards
  • Tell us where you are
  • Tell us what standard you see or are working on
  • Tag yourself and or colleagues also working on standardization
  • Tag the CEN and CENELEC account

By following this token’s journey around the world during the course of 2020, we as a community can show the importance of standards in all areas of life.

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