New CWA 17525 contributes to building a fair data economy 

Recently published CWA 17525 “ Elements of fair and functioning data economy: identity, consent and logging” is an important step to contribute to the development of a fair and efficient  data economy. This new workshop agreement provides requirement specifications for three key elements of any internet service using personal data and in which the agency for that data is within the individual whose data is being utilised: identity, consent and logging.

The CWA is a part of the technical work package of the IHAN project, a project by the Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra whose aim is to build the foundation for a fair data economy.

In line with the prepayment policy described in CEN-CENELEC Guide 10, the CWA is made available for download from the CEN website, in the CWA downloadable area. It can be found by using the IHAN-identifier. 

For more information, please contact Luc VAN DEN BERGHE.