CEN and CENELEC recognize outstanding contributions to standardization 

Brussels, 7 December 2017 - 13 experts holding the chairmanship or secretariat of European Technical Bodies received the CEN and CENELEC Pin Award on 6 December.

An average of 1550 European Standards are added to the CEN and CENELEC catalogue every year thanks to the commitment and hard work of 60,000 experts. By sharing their expertise and knowledge with peers across Europe and beyond, they shape the standards that improve the lives of millions of citizens, as well as contribute to strengthen the European economy.

Every two years, the Officers of the Technical Bodies of CEN and CENELEC gather in a seminar, which is also open to representatives from National Standardization Organizations, in order to share information and exchange ideas on subjects directly related to standardization.

At the occasion of the biennial seminar, CEN and CENELEC held an awards ceremony in Brussels on 6 December to pay tribute to a selection of Technical Body Chairs and Secretaries. Through their hard work and long-term commitment they have fostered standardization advances in their specific sector of expertise, building high consensus among the experts, unblocking difficult situations and increasing the efficiency of the standardization system.

Being the Chair or Secretary of a Technical Body requires a level of responsibility that entails many diverse professional and soft skills, a very high degree of commitment, and that, combined with their knowledge, makes it a very complex and specialised profile.

Ten Chairpersons of CEN and CENELEC’s Technical Committees, and for the first time, three Secretaries who also substantially contributed to the work and activities of their Committees, were selected following a strict procedure and were offered the Pin Award 2017.

On behalf of CENELEC, President Dr Bernhard Thies presented the Pin Awards to the following Officers:

  • Dr Werner KNAUPP, Chair of CENELEC/TC 82 “Solar photovoltaic energy systems”.
  • Mr Franck GRUFFAZ, Chair of CENELEC/TC 85X “Measuring equipment for electrical and electromagnetic quantities”.
  • Mr Alberto SIANI, Chair of CENELEC/TC 121A “Low-voltage switchgear and controlgear”.
  • Mr Thomas WEGMANN, Secretary of CENELEC/TC 215 “Electrotechnical aspects of telecommunication equipment”.
  • Dr Marcus ADAMS, Secretary of CENELEC/TC 65X “Industrial-process measurement, control and automation”.

On behalf of CEN, President Mr. Vincent Laflèche presented the Pin Awards to the following Officers:

  • Mrs Françoise GÉRARDI, Chair of CEN/TC 261 “Packaging”.
  • Mr Ortwin PFAFF, Chair of CEN/TC 294 “Communication systems for meters”.
  • Mr Alain ROSET, Chair of CEN/TC 331 “Postal Services”.
  • Professor Philippe MASSON, Chair of CEN/TC 392 “Cosmetics”.
  • Mr Jamie THOMPSON, Chair of CEN/TC 393 “Equipment for storage tanks and for filling stations”.
  • Mr Erik BÜTHKER, Chair of CEN/TC 408 “Natural gas and biomethane for use in transport and biomethane for injection in the natural gas grid”.
  • Mr Andrea CACCIA, Chair of CEN/TC 434 “Electronic Invoicing”.
  • Mrs Carola SEILER, Secretary of CEN/TC 275 “Food analysis – Horizontal methods”.

CEN and CENELEC extend their congratulations and gratitude to the experts for their dedication to European standardization.

CENELEC TC and Secretaries









CENELEC awards - from left to right:
Mr Maurice Buckley (Vice-President Technical), Mr Thomas Wegmann,
Dr Werner Knaupp and Dr Bernhard Thies (President)


CEN TC and Secretaries Awards
















CEN Awards – from left to right:
Mr Erik Büthker, Mrs Guðrún Rögnvaldardóttir (Vice-President Technical), Professor Philippe Masson, Mr Jamie Thompson, Mrs Françoise Gérardi, Mr Ortwin Pfaff, Mr Andrea Caccia, Mr Alain Roset, Mrs Carola Seiler and Mr Vincent Laflèche (President)


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