CEN and CENELEC engaging with European industry for digital transformation 

On 29 June 2016, participants from European industry provided input to help shape the CEN-CENELEC standardization roadmap for digital transformation. CEN and CENELEC, in cooperation with industry representatives, held an interactive workshop to define the state of play and challenges for digital transformation in energy, manufacturing and transport; to define needs and priorities; and to outline gaps in standards and standardization solutions to complete the digital transformation.

Industry leaders, digital enablers, innovators, standardizers and policy makers joined to better understand the digital challenges and changes the energy, manufacturing and transport sectors are facing in terms of:

  • Energy to digital networks and digital energy systems;
  • Manufacturing to digital factories;
  • Transport to smart mobility.

Recurrent themes during the workshop were the need to address interoperability, interfaces, digital supply chains and for cybersecurity in particulardata exchange and data ownership and trust.

The outcomes of discussions captured during this workshop will be summarized, highlighting the needs and priorities voiced by all three sectors. These will serve as a basis to form recommendations for both standardizers and policy makers with regards to digital transformation.

“We live in an interconnected world and IT has become pervasive, a key industry driving innovation…We as an industry have to learn more about other key vertical industries and equally they have to learn more about us, we can’t live in silos.” Terry Landers, Microsoft EMEA, Regional Standards Officer

“We should have interoperability and we should be stressing it so much because for the energy sector interoperability is absolutely essential to save us money and to keep everything that we do relevant.” Louise Anderson, ENTSO-E, Market/Research, Development & Innovation Advisor

In the energy sector the need to create a balance between sustainability, affordability and reliability reflects two main gaps in terms of smart metering for electrical vehicles and standards for data hubs.

In the digital transformation of manufacturing the need for interoperability across the whole supply chain is a priority as well as the need for information management and the integration of big data in manufacturing processes.

In the transport sector, specifically for railways, there are challenges relating to interfaces allowing interconnection between different sectors and within sectors, and semantics to foster better understanding. Digital transformation is required to enable a more efficient transportation system on the technical side, for better use of existing infrastructure in terms of increased capacity, and more so in terms of modality.

European Standards supporting the digital transformation

CEN and CENELEC are active in standardization supporting the European digital transformation and have built a strong network through our contribution to the standardization priorities for the Digital Single Market.
European Standards supporting the digital economy are being developed on a wide range of relevant topics including: cybersecurity and e-privacy, e-health, e-accessibility, e-skills and e-learning, e-procurement and e-invoicing, smart grids and smart metering, smart and sustainable cities, smart household appliances, Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS), the Internet of Things (IoT) and machine-to-machine (M2M) communication.

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