How can European Standardization and Open Source strengthen each other?  

When: Wednesday 23 September from 14:00 to 17:00 and Thursday 24 September from 09:00 to 12:00.

Format: online workshop

Registration: participation is free of charge but subject to approval. Registration is mandatory.
Deadline for registration was 15 September.

Organized by: CEN and CENELEC


Open Source Software (OSS) is an integral way to boost uptake of innovation by the market in a relatively speedy, flexible and cheap manner. On the other hand European standards set out specifications and procedures in relation to a wide range of materials, processes, products and services.

Combining  their strengths, complementarities and synergies, OSS and standardization could aid innovation, efficiency and time to market whilst ensuring interoperability and coherence with currently existing standards.

To seize these opportunities, CEN and CENELEC are currently defining a new standardization deliverable that links standardization and market driven open source activities.

This workshop aims at gathering valuable inputs from OSS communities, policy makers and industry stakeholders on the proposed CEN-CENELEC Open Source Workshop approach.

OSS standardization deliverable will be an integral part of a complete and coherent set of digital standardization solutions CEN and CENELEC will provide in future. Given that plethora of OSS communities exist, strategic collaborations with them will lead to current and future CEN and CENELEC stakeholders benefitting from more attractive tools and process packages.

This consideration of a new deliverable is derived from the results of the Joint Research Centre (JRC) study on "The Relationship between OSS and Standard Setting" which provides recommendations to Standardization Organizations, OSS and policy makers.

For whom?

  • Open Source actors (developers, users, suppliers, systems integrators, …)
  • NSB/NC Staff
  • Policy Makers
  • Technical Committee experts
  • Industry Experts
  • Partner/Liaison Organizations
  • Other interested parties currently involved in standardization and open source

Programme: download the programme.


Padmaja KAMATH, Manager – Digital Projects
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