Webinar "How to address accessibility, following the "Design for all" approach, in the standardization process" 

When: 12 October 2018

This webinar aims at creating awareness about and explaining the importance of why and how the concept of ‘Design for All’ (DfA) should be addressed within the whole standardization process. CEN/BTWG 213 "Strategic Advisory Group on Accessibility (SAGA)" is responsible for the overall execution of standardization request M/473 and developed a protocol form supporting M/473 - "Design for All".












More information on the "Design for All" principle on the CEN-CENELEC website: https://www.cencenelec.eu/standards/sectors/accessibility/designforall/pages/default.aspx

Targeted audience: Standards drafters (Technical Committees, Working Groups, …)

Registration is possible here.

Download the presentation of this webinar here.