Harmonized European Standards under the Construction Products Regulation (CPR) - Essentials for drafting standards 

When: Monday 22 October 2018

Where: CEN-CENELEC Management Centre, rue de la Science 23, 1040 Brussels [map]

Programme: download the final programme, together with some food for thought.

Registration: the workshop is fully booked.

Follow the workshop online: to expand the possibility to participate we will be hosting this event also online via a webinar. Please register yourself using the link.  
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Organizers: CEN-CENELEC and Construction Products Europe

Contact: Padmaja KAMATH, Project Manager - Manufacturing, Standardization & Digital Solutions
E-mail: pkamath@cencenelec.eu
Tel: +32 2 550 09 47


The one-day workshop includes:

  • a discussion on lessons learnt from past non-citations of harmonized standards in the Official Journal of the European Union (OJEU);
  • an informative presentation on recent updates within the construction sector related to mandates and standards;
  • the provision of guidance to the technical experts for drafting of Harmonized European Standards (hENs) in support of CPR (e.g. classes and thresholds and dangerous substances).


Action 5 of the ‘Joint Initiative on Standardisation’ (JIS) under the Single Market Strategy, aims at aiding the implementation of the Construction Products Regulation - CPR (EU) 305/2011 - through standards. One of the focal points under this JIS action concerns the provision of guidance to standardizers working within the construction sector to ensure a common understanding on the role of harmonized standards in the CPR context.

For whom

  • NSB/NC Staff;
  • Technical Committee Chairs;
  • Technical Committee Secretaries;
  • Working Group Convenors;
  • Industry Experts;
  • Partner/Liaison Organizations;
  • other interested parties