Workshop - Sustainable Chemicals 

When: On Thursday 24 May 2018

Where: In Brussels, CEN-CENELEC Management Centre


In December 2016, CEN and CENELEC launched a project on sustainable chemicals from primary and secondary raw materials. The aim of the project, led by CEN-CLC/BT Working Group 11 ‘Sustainable chemicals’, is to map, identify and prioritize standardization needs in support of sustainable chemicals and the production and use of secondary raw materials. The final report will include a gap analysis together with a proposal on closing the gaps.
During the workshop, BTWG 11 experts will present the preliminary outcomes and recommendations of their work, with the objective to receive feedback from participating stakeholders. The objective is to identify and prioritize the standardization needs.


The workshop aims to achieve active participation of:

  • Policy makers;
  • Public Private Partnerships;
  • Joint Undertakings;
  • Societal stakeholders;
  • Industry;
  • European associations;
  • Representations of municipalities and regions;
  • Standardisation organisations.

As well as any other stakeholders involved actively in the field of chemicals, raw materials, bioplastics, biodegradability, biogas, fertilizers, biomass, agricultural recycling, waste management, recycling, and other areas related to the circular economy and sustainability.   

Registration: Participation is free, but online registration is obligatory.

Programme: Draft programme.

Draft paper summarizing the findings of the CEN-CLC/BTWG 11: Identification of Potential Needs of standards for Primary and Secondary Raw Materials Related to the Circular Economy Action Plan (pdf format)