Stakeholder consultation meeting Seconded European Standardization Expert in China (SESEC project) 

When: 13 September 2017, 10:00 to 14:30
Where: Brussels - EFTA Secretariat
Registration: free of charge
Programme: Draft agenda (pdf format)
Contact person: Mr Jacopo Troise

This conference is the occasion for stakeholders to share views on how European standardization is promoted in China thanks to SESEC project. During the meeting they can express their current needs and future expectations, besides discussing on how to facilitate the China standardization alignment with European stakeholders’ interests.


After 10 years operation of SESEC project, China had obviously gone through a big economic and political change. Phase III is now over and this is the time to think about what more SESEC project can bring to the various European stakeholders. In order to do so, the participants together with the project partners will gather views on what are the successes and the areas for improvement, ideas for fine-tuning, future focus and inputs on how to make the project even more market relevant.


This workshop will enable stakeholders to express their perception on how the project should help them through the standardization sector perspective. The participants will have also the opportunity to revise their strategic requests on China standardization activities and collect proposals or suggestions for the next phase of the project, namely SESEC IV.

For whom?

This meeting is open to all the stakeholders interested in the SESEC Project, those who have already business and will have business in China. More in general, this session is open to all the stakeholders interested in understanding and influencing how standardization can further support trade relations between EU and China.