Smart Metering in Europe: standardization, exchange of experiences in roll-outs and the way forward 

Smart metering in Europe: conference









When: 7 December 2016
Where: Brussels - CEN-CENELEC Meeting Centre



All presentation can be downloaded in pdf format.

Session 2 - Smart Meters Coordination Group – Activities and main outcomes

  • Willem Strabbing, Chair of the CEN-CENELEC-ETSI Smart Meters Coordination Group; Managing Director of ESMIG, the European voice of Smart Energy solution provider
  • John Cowburn, Chair CLC/TC 13 - Electrical energy measurement and control; Director Smart Energy Networks ltd
  • Ortwin Pfaff, Chair CEN/TC 294 – Communication systems for meters; Elster GmbH, Germany
  • Patrick Guillemin, ETSI Smart M2M
  • Joost Demarest, CLC/TC 205 - Home and Building Electronic Systems
  • David Johnson, Chair Smart Meters Coordination Group - Ad Hoc Group – Privacy and Security

Session 3 - updates from the european commission on smart metering activities

  • Manuel Sánchez Jiménez, Team Leader, Smart Grids - European Commission - DG ENERGY and Constantina Filiou, Principal Administrator, Smart Grids - European Commission - DG ENERG
    - The ‘Winter Package’, and Smart Metering activities
    - EC Smart Grid Expert Group 1 – Smart Grid Standards
    - EC Smart Grid Expert Group 2 – Regulatory recommendations for privacy, data protection and cybersecurity in the Smart Grid 
    - EC Smart Grid Expert Group 3 – Regulatory recommendations for Smart Grid deployment
  • Patricia Arsène, Programme Officer DG CONNECT - Free Flow of Data

Session 4 - Experiences with interoperability roll out in the European member states

Session 5 - Report on interoperability issues

  • Constant Kohler, Programme Manager Industry & Infrastructure, Standards, CEN-CENELEC Management Centre

Session 6 - Discussion & exchange of views: conclusions from experiences and actions

  • Francisco Puente, EscansaSmart Metering Status in Europe: overview and lessons learned

Background information

To achieve the ambitions regarding environment (CO2), energy efficiency and renewables, European Member States need to consolidate efforts to drive transformation of Europe’s utility networks to become smarter and efficient. Utility companies across Europe face the prospect of meeting the EU’s goal of replacing at least 80% of electricity meters with smart meters by 2020 wherever it is cost-effective to do so.

While utility companies and their customers have already seen significant benefits from smart meters, roll out programmes need to accelerate and challenges have to be overcome.


The Smart Meters Coordination Group, the joint advisory body of the European Standardization Organizations (CEN, CENELEC, ETSI),  hold a conference to provide a complete overview on current standardization activities for smart metering.

An excellent opportunity for European Member States to exchange experiences of Smart Meters on energy supply and demand.
European Commission representatives shed some light on the ‘Winter Package’ Free Flow of data and Smart Meter activities’.
Discussions focused on the future requirements for standardization and strategic topics for the coming year.

For whom?

This conference was designed for energy companies, utilities, regulators, policy makers, Members of the CEN, CENELEC, ETSI Smart Meters Coordination Group and business associations and consumer organizations.