StandarDays 23 & 24 September  

When: 23 & 24 September
Where: CEN-CENELEC Meeting Centre, 1000, Brussels
Participation: Participation is free of charge. Since there is a limited number of places, registrations are accepted on a first come, first served basis and will close when the maximum number is reached.
Programme: Read the programme
Registration: We have reached the maximum capacity of our info days and the registrations are now closed

StandarDays is a two day information session aimed at newcomers to European standardization, as well as those who would like to understand the CEN and CENELEC systems better. StandarDays is organized twice each year.

StandarDays give a clear and structured overview of the European Standardization System and of the CEN and CENELEC products and processes, as well as the benefits of involvement to potential stakeholders.
For whom ?
StandarDays are aimed at all actors interested in the European standardization system: industry, consumers, administrations and government, European institutions, research centres, national standards institutes, academia, societal stakeholders, etc.

The StandarDays programme consist of an introductory plenary meeting, which explains the different aspects and tasks of CEN and CENELEC (day 1) and interactive, in-depth workshops (day 2). This structure gives participants the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the overall European Standardization System (day 1) and then take advantage of the CEN and CENELEC expertise to obtain further clarification and explanations (day 2).