European Standards for Digital Skills 

When: 27 June
Where: CEN-CENELEC Management Centre

The lack of highly qualified ICT labour affects the productivity growth, competitiveness, innovation, employment and social cohesion in Europe. Despite restructuring and job cuts in the ICT manufacturing industries in recent years due to budget cuts, demand for ICT professionals for software development, consulting and the ICT user industries has continued to grow.

CEN has been working for some time now to identify benchmarks for the ICT professionals skills though competence frameworks and description of job profiles. The European Commission Grand Coalition set out among its objectives to stimulate the take-up of a single EU certification for ICT skills based on the CEN Workshop Agreement on European e-Competence Framework  published by CEN.

This event focused on raising awareness on the current standardization work, its potential on bridging the skills gap in Europe, and provided for a first exchange among stakeholders on any needs and opportunities for new standardization work in the area of ICT Skills.

This  event was aimed for IT  companies,  employment  agencies/companies,  IT professional associations, public authorities responsible for employment  or education strategies.