CEN and CENELEC look forward to the revision of the General Product Safety Directive 

GPSDCEN and CENELEC look forward to the European Commission's proposal to revise the General Product Safety Directive (GPSD), the main piece of legislation on consumer protection, which is due for 30 June.

Number of trends affects consumer markets nowadays and raise new safety challenges as for instance connected products. Safety has always been CEN and CENELEC's flagship. Standards have a crucial role in consolidating the European single market and contribute to building trust in ensuring the protection of privacy and personal data, while meeting new, state-of-the art, technical requirements.

This important role is highlighted in a Position Paper drafted and published by CEN and CENELEC in response to a stakeholder’s consultation launched by the European Commission on the General Product Safety Directive.

Read the full CEN and CENELEC position paper.

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