Faces of standardization: discover the people making European Standards 

European standardization is a collective effort: the uniqueness of the European Standardization System (ESS) is its openness. Far from being a removed practice, taking place behind closed doors, European standardization benefits from a fundamental human character: all sectors of society can (and do) participate at the core of the standardization work.

At the heart of the ESS, there is the so-called national delegation principle: CEN and CENELEC rely on their national Members in the 34 countries of the Single Market to engage and propose the experts that work in the Technical Committees (TCs) developing standards. There are currently more than 90.000 experts involved in European Standardization, working in approximately 500 Technical Committees and almost 2.000 Working Groups.

Moreover, the ESS ensures the highest participation of a wide group of stakeholders, to ensure that standards are as inclusive as possible and meet the needs and wishes of society. As a result, CEN and CENELEC provide a forum for a variety of actors to reach consensus: standards are created by bringing together the expertise of different stakeholders such as producers, sellers, buyers, users and regulators of a particular material, product, process or service.

Therefore, there are a lot of people, coming from a lot of different backgrounds, each one of them with their own expertise and skills contributing to making European standards a success. To recognise and celebrate their contribution, CEN and CENELEC are launching a new project, ‘Faces of standardization’. All over the course of 2020, we will publish a series of interviews with different individuals who have been involved in European standardization. The aim of the project is to showcase the human aspect of standardization and give an overview of European standardization’s successes through the people who made it possible. The selection of the interviewees will be as varied as possible, to best represent the diversity of the standardization community.

The project ‘Faces of standardization’ is part of the celebration of 60 years of CEN and CENELEC’s collaboration. To know more about the other initiatives that will take place in 2020, please contact Cécile ANDRIANNE