Joint Initiative on Standardisation: Published the Report on analysis of public sector procurement activities (JIS Action 11)  

The Report on analysis of public sector procurement activities has been developed within the framework of the Joint Initiative on Standardisation Action 11 ‘Pilot Project on Increased use of Standards in Public Procurement to better implement the public procurement Directives, under the leadership of the Swedish Standards Institute (SIS) and Hungarian Standards Institution (MSZT), and has been financed by the European Commission and EFTA. It aims at describing the actual situation on the use of standards in public procurement in Europe and making suggestions on how to manage existing obstacles.

The Report has been drafted by the consultancy organization DanSense, based on the Feasibility study of this project. Participants of this activity selected the three sectors (Construction, Medical devices, Waste) and the six countries (Germany, Hungary, Poland, Spain, Sweden and Norway) of the analysis. They made comments and suggestions to improve the results of the draft survey. The organisations involved in the Analysis include DS, EBSA, European Commission (DG GROWTH), MSZT, SIS and UNE.

The importance of the survey is that it identifies the best practices and also the obstacles to reference standards in public procurement. Stakeholders use standards mostly because of transparency and quality, although sometimes it is not known to public authorities how to identify and reference standards correctly in public procurement. Therefore, the most important recommendation of this Report is to organise trainings, possibly based on the “Guide for referencing standards in public procurement in Europe”.

For further information on the guide please see our website.

Download the Report (pdf format).

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