CEN and CENELEC organised the 2019 StandarDays 

On 29-30 April, CEN and CENELEC hosted the 2019 edition of StandarDays in their Brussels headquarters.

The two-days yearly event is a flagship of CEN and CENELEC: its aim is to raise awareness on the functioning and importance of the European Standardization System to the wider public. Therefore, it is open to the wider public and targeted at people who are not experts of standardization, but want to know more about it.

The 2019 edition saw the participation of 111 people, coming from all around Europe and a variety of backgrounds, such as national standardization organizations, industry, NGOs, European institutions and academia. During the two days, they received by CEN and CENELEC staff a clear and structured overview of the European Standardization System and of our (CEN and CENELEC) products and processes, as well as the benefits of stakeholder involvement.

The various interactive sessions allowed participants to engage in discussions and grasp the variety of CEN and CENELEC’s activities, ranging from international cooperation to its efforts on the field of innovation and research, up to the role of European standards in some priority areas, such as circular economy, SMEs and digital society.

You can find the full programme on the event’s website.

The presentations used at the event will be shared with the participants, together with an online survey.

For more information on Standardays, you can visit the dedicated website or contact Christine Van Vlierden.