CEN Workshop on European Quality Framework for Students Internships  

Internships play a key role for young people’s integration into the labour market. They are essential in bridging the skills gap between education and work. However, a large portion of internships do not fulfil their purpose as they are badly or poorly designed. Many initiatives and legislations have sprung up around Europe to provide a quality framework and guarantee the professional development of interns. Nevertheless, proliferation of various quality frameworks leads to a lack of credibility and hinder the mobility of young professionals as different standards may apply in different countries; making it more difficult to easily identify quality internships.

CEN WS 95 will develop a quality framework for student internships by mapping and comparing legislations related to internships in the EU member states and by identifying good practices to ensure the quality of an internship. Apprenticeships are excluded from the scope of this work.

This workshop builds upon the results of the European project ‘SPRINT - Standardize best Practices about INTernships in the frame of the Erasmus+ programme’. This standardization activity was created to disseminate the study results undertaken by SPRINT.

Download the meeting documents:

The kick-off meeting and first plenary will be held on 9 November in Brussels. All interested parties are welcome to register for participation and submit comments on the draft Project Plan to the Workshop Secretary, Nathalie Brossier.
Deadline for comments: 5 October 2018