New CEN-CENELEC Workshop Agreement on the Design Certification Systems and Schemes in the field of Physical Security Products (CWA 17260:2018) 

The overall goal of this CWA 17260:2018 - Guidelines on evaluation systems and schemes for physical security products is to provide a guideline document on how to design certification systems and schemes in the field of physical security products. Nowadays, protection of people, property and infrastructure has become a real challenge for society, and a wide range of products & applications are being used by security practitioners in Europe.
The lack of harmonization for security products as well as tests, evaluations and certification procedures that are mutually recognized by different Member States makes it difficult for manufacturers to sell their products in several European countries.

The need to operate in both regulated and unregulated environments as well as with products of different maturity and market sizes, means that a range of different schemes is needed. The description of a generic scheme framework to accommodate these needs was envisaged as a result of the CEN-CENELEC Workshop in order to transfer research results combined with stakeholder needs into standardization.

CEN-CENELEC Workshop HECTOS was proposed based on the scope, objectives and the outcomes of the HECTOS project, which is funded by the EC FP7 security research programme.

About CEN Workshop Agreement and CENELEC Workshop Agreement.

The Technical Secretariat of CEN-CENELEC Workshop HECTOS is held by DIN - Deutsches Institut für Normung

For more information contact: Alina IATAN