SBS Board elections – CEN and CENELEC are continuing their close partnership with SBS  

On 7 February 2018, the Board of Small Business Standards (SBS) re-elected Gunilla Almgren for a second term as SBS President for the next four years. Ms Almgren, has served as SBS’ President since the association’s establishment in December 2013. Ms Almgren is an entrepreneur in the sanitary fittings industry and her micro-enterprise is based in Sweden.
The SBS Board also re-confirmed 3 more Board members.

The new Board has two main priorities for the coming four years:

  • to pursue SBS activities aimed at improving SME access to the EU standardization process for SMEs.
  • to continue to simplify compliance for SMEs with standards, by expanding its network of experts and further working with all stakeholders involved in standardization.

CEN and CENELEC congratulate Ms Almgren who has been re-elected as SBS President and would like to extend their warm congratulation to the other appointed SBS Board members.

We are looking forward to continue our fruitful cooperation.

For more information on SBS elections please check the SBS newsletters. For more information on the products, tools and services CEN and CENELEC have put in place to support SMEs to fully benefit from standardization, please check our dedicated web pages.