CEN and CENELEC’s standards for toys at the Pro Talks in Nuremberg 

CEN and CENELEC Director General, Mrs Elena Santiago Cid, has been invited to be a speaker at the Pro Talks event organized by the Industry leading voice in Europe, the ‘European Balloon and Party Council’ (EBPC). This event will take place during the world’s largest Toy Fair in Nuremberg from 31 January to 4 February 2018.

Topics related to the balloon and party industry, including the role of Standardization in the Toy industry, will be the focus of the Pro Talks this year.

Mrs. Santiago will make a presentation on 1 February about European standards for toys and their global influence, as well as the benefits from being involved in the development of European standards with CEN and CENELEC.

Mr Peter Damgaard, CEN/TC 52 ‘Safety of Toys’ Secretary will also speak about the importance of standardization in this area and will give an overview of the current projects.

European Standards in relation to toy safety are developed by experts in the CEN Technical Committee ‘Safety of Toys’ (CEN/TC 52) and in the CENELEC Working Group ‘Toys’ (CLC/TC 61/WG 7). These standards respect the essential requirements of European legislation, namely the Toy Safety Directive (2009/48/EC) and specific requests from the European Commission (such as EC Mandate 445).

CEN and CENELEC have developed and adopted European Standards in relation to various aspects of toys and toy safety including: mechanical and physical properties of toys, flammability, migration of certain elements, and the presence of N-nitrosamines and N-nitrosatable substances in toys.

Overall, the participation and contributions of Mrs Santiago Cid confirm how important European standards are to enable access to the market, and at the same time ensuring the highest levels of safety for children. 

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