CCMC started 2018 with a new structure 

A lot of work was done last year to make CCMC more agile and closer to the CEN and CENELEC Community. Our new office was open for everyone to visit during ‘Discovery Day’ on 6 December 2017. We are now glad to inform you that we have started the year 2018 with a new structure.

Our CEN and CENELEC Director General, Elena Santiago Cid, will be supported by three Directors: Ashok Ganesh for ‘Market Perspectives and Innovation’, Cinzia Missiroli for ‘Standardization & Digital Production’ and Sarah Penny for ‘Strategy and Governance’. And there are now dedicated ‘Customer Solution Managers’ who will be the first line of contact and provide support to our main customers (Members, Officers, EU/EFTA/Partners and Industry).

We invite you to consult CCMC First Line of Contact to find out who is your main contact.  If you want to know who is in charge of a particular CEN-CENELEC, CEN and/or CENELEC sector, please consult:

CEN Sectors
CENELEC Technology Sectors

Do not hesitate to contact us at if you have any questions.