Solving market fragmentation through standards in the Security sector 

CEN and CENELEC were present at the high-level event ‘Security Research, Innovation and Education Event’ (SRIEE 2017), organized by the Estonian presidency and the European Commission which took place in Tallinn on 14-15 November. The main focus of the discussions was how to reduce the gap between research and the market, so that innovative solutions can meet the needs of practitioners and other users. Participants included researchers, industry representatives, public security providers and practitioners (i.e. fire departments, intelligence agencies, etc.) and policy makers from across Europe.

Estonian Prime Minister Jüri Ratas opened the event and gave the welcoming speech emphasizing the need to identify ways to improve innovation uptake.

Two high-level panels focusing on "Conveying the future needs of Practitioners to the Research Community" and on "The future of security research" took place following the welcoming speech.
Elena Santiago Cid, CEN and CENELEC Director General, was invited as a speaker in High-level Panel 1 - From Research to Practitioners and End-users.

The panellists focused on the fragmentation of the European security market and what European research in the security sector can do to increase competitiveness and offer harmonized solutions.

In response to these concerns, Ms Santiago explained that market segmentation can be reduced through standards. She confirmed the important role that standardization plays as a voluntary tool that can deploy or bring innovation to the market and the strength of the CEN and CENELEC systems to bring all stakeholders together to reach consensus.

Addressing the role of standardization in Horizon2020 research projects, Ms Santiago shared the approach taken by ZONeSEC, an FP7 security research project which is in the process of initiating a CEN–CENELEC Workshop (CWA) on the ‘Interoperability of Security Systems for the Surveillance of Widezones’.

Widezones are critical public infrastructures such as highways, energy lines or pipelines (i.e. gas pipelines), etc. that spread over large areas covering wide geographic zones. The kick-off meeting of the CWA for ZONeSEC will take place in Athens on 11 December.

Concluding her contribution to the high level panel of SRIEE, Ms Santiago invited the security sector to reach out to the standardization community and join forces in developing solutions which support the competitiveness of the sector in Europe.

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