New ‘Clean Mobility Package’ of the European Commission 

CEN and CENELEC welcome the proposal of the European Commission on the Clean Mobility Package made on the fringe of the ‘2017 UN Climate Change Conference’ opening week in Bonn (COP23). The Clean Mobility Package is an important and necessary step forward if Europe wants to reach the Paris Agreement (COP22) objectives for a binding domestic CO2 reduction of at least 40% until 2030.

Our standardization community takes climate change very seriously and in this regard, we established in 2013 a CEN-CENELEC Coordination Group on Adaptation to Climate Change. We are present and thus closely following the discussions at COP23 where we have organized a side-event together with the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and the International Accreditation Forum (IAF) (read our brief news on our COP 23 side-event).

The Clean Mobility Package will help enhance and push further a cleaner, innovative and digitized European industry, where standardization will play a key role.

The competitiveness of our European industry is at the heart of the CEN and CENELEC standardization work. European and international standards are making sure that European companies can have state-of-the-art solutions to keep and enhance their competitiveness on the global market.

Working closely with the industry, CEN and CENELEC standardizers have already identified and started work programmes on energy efficiency, batteries, electric vehicles and climate change adaptation. Currently active Technical Committees (TCs) include the following ones:

CEN and CENELEC are committed to the future and well-being of the European industry and consumers. We are therefore looking forward to pursuing and joining our efforts to tackle the challenges for clean vehicles for the benefit of Europe’s economy and the health of our citizens. Hence, we look forward to working together with our stakeholders and policy makers to enable Europe to lead in the sector of clean mobility, as stressed by European Commission’s Vice-President Maroš ŠEFČOVIČ during the press conference on 8 November 2017.