Signature of a Cooperation Agreement between CEN and ASD-STAN 

CEN and ASD-STAN are happy to announce the signature of a new Cooperation Agreement in the field of Aerospace and related Defence sector. The agreement was signed on 2017-10 -25 by Elena Santiago Cid, CEN and CENELEC Director General, and Andreas Jain, ASD-STAN Director.

CEN and ASD-STAN have established a long standing collaboration on the basis of the initial Protocol signed on 23 October 1973 between CEN and AECMA-STAN (the previous denomination of ASD-STAN). ASD-STAN was recognized as an Associated Body of CEN in 1986 and is responsible for the technical aspects of standards defining products, materials, test methods and procedures for the construction, maintenance and use of aircraft and space vehicles. The objective of this collaboration is to avoid overlapping of standardization activities in the Aerospace field in Europe.

Furthermore, the purpose of this new Cooperation Agreement is to increase the openness and transparency aspects of the Standard development process, which are constant goals for the development of high-quality European Standards. The agreement will introduce new modalities of coordination notably regarding the use of the CEN enquiry process.

In 2018, CEN and ASD-STAN will publish several new European Standards addressing topics such as additive manufacturing, engineering procedures and REACH related-standards. 

CEN is delighted to continue its collaboration with ASD-STAN for the benefit of the European economy.