Seminar for DG MOVE on the potential of standards in supporting the implementation of EU policies and regulations 

As part of a round of seminars being organized by CEN and CENELEC in 2017, the 2nd one ‘Moving together with CEN and CENELEC’ took place on 9 October 2017 at DG MOVE’s premises. The aim was to increase knowledge and understanding of the potential of CEN and CENELEC’s standardization to support EU policies and regulations in the transport sector and reiterate the importance of a coherent standardization policy from the European Commission.

Pierpaolo Settembri, assistant to DG MOVE’s Director General Mr. Hololei, opened the seminar by underlining the full support given by Mr. Hololei to this initiative, which has been included in the EU Learn catalogue, the official EC staff training catalogue.

The seminar was highly appreciated by the 22 officials that came from different units such as Land, Waterborne and Aviation, Transport Networks, Sustainable & Intelligent Transport and Innovation & Research.

The presentations highlighted how European standards can support the transfer of European technology on the global scene and focused on the most relevant standardization activities per transport sector: Air & Space, Waterborne, Road, Cableway and Rail. Some horizontal aspects of transport were also covered such as Intelligent Transport Systems, Co-operative Systems, Packaging and compliance with the Directives on Pressure Equipment and Dangerous Goods. The main actors (ASD-STAN, ERA, ESA, EUROCAE) and their roles in each transport sector were explained.

A testimony was also provided by Bertrand Collignon (DG MOVE, C4. Rail Safety & Interoperability) on how EC successfully cooperates with CEN and CENELEC, highlighting the interaction and complementarity between the Technical Specifications for Interoperability and the harmonised standards for the implementation of rail interoperability.

Hein Bollens (DG GROW, B3. Standards for Growth), presented the EU strategy on standardization and how EU standardization needs are collected, processed and transferred to the ESOs through the AUWP consultation process.
CEN and CENELEC called the attention to the need to properly address standardization topics in the AUWP by taking into account that it is a document addressed to the ESOs only. For this purpose, CEN and CENELEC offered to further assist DG MOVE in the preparatory activities for AUWP and SReq.
The 3rd and last seminar of the series in 2017 will be dedicated to DG Environment staff and will be held on 26 October 2017 at DG ENV’s premises.

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