New CEN Technical Committee 456 on online gambling. How to get involved? 

CEN has initiated a new standardization activity in the field of online gambling services.  The newly established Committee, CEN/TC 456 on ‘Reporting in support of online gambling supervision’, will hold its first meeting on 21 November in Paris. The secretariat will be held by CEN’s French Member, AFNOR.

The setting of this new TC was triggered by a standardization request from the European Commission: “Standardisation request to the ‘European Committee for Standardisation’ as regards a European standard on reporting in support of supervision of online gambling services by the gambling regulatory authorities of the Member States”.

Online Gambling


Expected work of the TC/456

European Union Member States’ gambling regulatory authorities supervise the conduct of online gambling activities by means of information reported by the natural or legal persons authorised to provide online gambling services to the end users (operators) and/or the natural or legal persons providing the software used in connection with the online gambling services (software suppliers). Hence, the purpose of the Standardization Request is to set out reporting requirements for online gambling services with a view to ensure consumer protection, operational transparency, game fairness, detection and prevention of fraud and betting-related match-fixing.

The European standard(s) to be developed will identify common core data for reporting purposes to the regulatory authorities in the Member States, focusing especially on information relevant to establish compliance. It will aim at improving efficiency of reporting and supervision, as well as at enabling online gambling data exchange and comparison of such data throughout Europe.

How to join CEN/TC 456?

If you are a gambling and betting operator or regulator, a gaming supplier or a consumers association and would like to participate in this TC in order to share your expertise and have a say in the development of future standards, you can contact your CEN National Member