CEN and CENELEC support the future industrial policy strategy of the European Union 

European Commission’s President Jean-Claude Juncker presented today reflections on the future of Europe for the EU27 by 2025 during his ‘State of the Union’ speech before the Members of the European Parliament (MEPs).

He introduced the drivers of change for the next decade and shared 6 scenarios of how Europe could evolve by 2025.

The backbone of the scenarios was the importance of the European Single Market and the positioning of European industry to help shape the Europe of tomorrow.

Europe is in its 5th year of economic recovery, with 8 million jobs (300,000 new ones created) and a low unemployment rate (1,6%). He welcomed the progress made on the Energy Union, Security Union, the Capital Markets and Banking Union and the Digital Single Market Union.

CEN and CENELEC play an important role in supporting the above sectors by enabling stakeholders to come together and develop standards solutions for the Single Market.

President Juncker also announced the future Industrial Policy Strategy, which aims at helping European industries become world leaders in digitalization, innovation and de-carbonization.

CEN and CENELEC support the call for a more competitive European industry and commit to contribute actively to the discussions on the Industrial Policy Strategy. In this respect, CEN and CENELEC have already adopted a ‘Strategic Plan for Digital Transformation’ (pdf format), which addresses the increasingly complex landscape of digital technologies, policies, structures and partnerships. Work is ongoing to strengthen the link between innovation and standardization, with an ‘Innovation Action Plan’ being prepared for 2018. CEN and CENELEC have also established in 2014 the ‘Adaptation to Climate Change Coordination Group’ which focuses on transport infrastructure, energy infrastructure and building/construction.

The strength of the European standardization system is its inclusiveness, removing obstacles to trade and facilitating market access for products and services, in close collaboration with our international partners. For the upcoming new economic partnerships with Japan, Mexico, South America, Australia and New Zealand, we urge the European Commission to engage in an open dialogue with us. Our long-standing collaboration on standardization with most of these countries offer a strategic input for such trade negotiation dialogues.

Closing his speech, President Juncker stressed the importance of a strong European Union focusing on things that matter. To this effect, CEN and CENELEC will work alongside their stakeholders to deliver relevant and timely standardization solutions to support the future European Industrial Policy Strategy.