Webinar on 'formats and granularity of Annex ZZ/ZA: LVD, EMC and RED' 

The world of standardization can be complex. To help our stakeholders, we organize specific webinars such as our 10-10 webinars series or also the ‘Standards Drafters’ series.

Last  June we offered a new webinar to answer the various questions received from stakeholders regarding Annex ZA/ZZ, which is the informative annex to a standard indicating the relationship between the essential requirements (or safety objectives) of a EU Regulation/Directive aimed to be covered, and the applicable clauses of that standard.

The webinar dealt with the formats and the granularity of Annex ZZ/ZA of standards that will be given for citation in the ‘Official Journal of the European Union’ (OJEU) under the following European Union Directives:

  • Low Voltage Directive (LVD - 2014/35/EU),
  • Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC - 2014/30/EU),
  • and/or Radio Equipment Directive (RED -2014/53/EU).

We invite CEN and CENELEC Technical Body officer and experts to watch the replay of the webinar in order to get the latest developments regarding the Annex ZZ/ZA formats and levels of details accepted by the European Commission in the LVD, EMC and RED fields.

More information is also available in our websites on:

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