European police firearms technology recommendations 

Laws, police tactics and requirements differ from country to country. A common set of technical recommendations and verification methods, not limiting national decision-making or police tactics, are needed to guarantee high quality equipment for and occupational safety of police officials. However, the recommendations must be flexible to comply with national conditions, accepting more than one technical solution and provide unambiguous definitions, test methods and sentencing criteria.

CEN/WS Police Firearms Technologies (CEN/WS PFT) was set up in January 2015, of which the secretariat is provided by the Austrian Standards Institute (ASI). The Workshop workshop membership consists of representatives from industry organizations and police forces working under the guidance of Adjunct Professor Jorma Jussila (the chair of this WS) to develop a set of recommendations for police firearms technology.

Solid technical basis and yardstick

The following Workshop Agreements were published in December 2016, and provide a solid technical basis and yardstick for the design process of industry, national procurement and continuous monitoring of firearms used in the field:

  • CWA 17094-1:2016 Police firearms technology - Part 1: Police pistol and rifle ammunition features – Recommendations
  • CWA 17094-2:2016 Police firearms technology - Part 2: Police pistol and support weapon – Recommendations
  • CWA 17094-3:2016 Police firearms technology - Part 3: Police shotgun ammunition features – Recommendations

The publications are available for purchase with CEN National Standardization Bodies.

The result will be newer, more flexible recommendations and test methods for firearms in use in Europe.

“When used to define national technical requirements for an invitation to tender, a subset of the requirements can be selected and rated according to their importance to the procuring unit. A further subset can be defined for carrying out acceptance inspections of a manufacturing lot or for assessing and monitoring the current firearms in use. This allows using standardized unambiguous text to describe varying national needs.”  Mr Jorma Jussila, Chairman of CEN/WS PFT