Standardization and the environment 

European Standards showing the way to combine competitiveness and sustainability

Mascott of the CEN and CENELEC Environment CampaignCEN and CENELEC are determined to ensure that standardization contributes to making Europe’s economy smart, sustainable and inclusive – in line with the goals of the European Union’s 'Europe 2020' Strategy. We recognize that Europe’s long-term prosperity will depend on having a green, climate resilient, resource-efficient, and competitive economy, which gives priority to protecting the environment and providing a good quality of life for all.

Various initiatives have been put in place over the past years to make European Standards greener by addressing the environmental impacts of products, services and processes. This work has recently been broadened to take the consequences of climate change into account during the development (and/or revision) of standards for products, services and infrastructure.

CEN and CENELEC have decided to launch a communication campaign to present what has been done so far in terms of integrating environmental provisions into European Standards, as well as the resulting benefits for the environment, for standard users, for consumers and for society as a whole. This campaign will highlight the various ways in which standardization can contribute to creating a cleaner, greener economy that protects the environment whilst meeting the needs of companies, consumers and other stakeholders.

As well as providing and sharing information, CEN and CENELEC will also collect feedback from their members, partners, experts and other stakeholders regarding the progress achieved until now, as well as needs and priorities that could be addressed by standardization activities in the future.

We hope that our campaign will trigger fruitful discussions - among standard users, standard developers, policy makers and regulators, environmental and societal stakeholders - regarding the role that standards can play. Not just in terms of protecting the environment, but also more widely in supporting a sustainable economy and boosting the competitiveness and performance of Europe’s industries in the global marketplace. How can standards help companies to satisfy their customers’ needs and expectations in relation to energy and resource efficiency, resilience to climate change, etc.?

We encourage you to follow our communication campaign on the CEN-CENELEC website and via social media (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter). You are welcome to join in the discussion and share our content with your contacts! use the hashtag #Standards4Env

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