CEN and CENELEC look forward to working with new Von der Leyen Commission for a Europe that strives for more 

On Tuesday, 11 September, the President-elect of the European Commission Ursula Von der Leyen presented, together with a new structure for the Commission, her team of candidates for the posts of Commissioners.

Mme Von der Leyen’s proposal, which reflects the political priorities set out by the European Commission in the recent months, shows a commitment to deliver. With assignments structured across clusters of priorities instead of tasks, Von der Leyen’s Commission looks designed to tackle urgent policy challenges. The candidates will now have to be formally vetted and approved by the European Parliament, in order to assume their duties on 1st November.

Mme Von der Leyen herself presented the ambition of her Commission: “This team will have to stand up for our values and world-class standards. I want a Commission that is led with determination, that is clearly focused on the issues at hand and that provides answers. […]. Because we know that we are stronger by doing together what we cannot do alone."

CEN and CENELEC, as two of the three official European Standardization Organizations (ESOs), welcome the new Commission and share the new President’s ambition of having a strong and competitive Europe, able to successfully meet future social and economic challenges and to establish itself as a leader on the global stage. 

Standards, a tool to support the New Commission’s priorities

In this context, CEN and CENELEC emphasize the essential contribution that European standards (ENs) make to support the EU’s priorities across a wide range of sectors and topics. Indeed, the European Standardization System (ESS) has proven its potential to support Europe’s priorities in the world.

European standards have always made a key contribution to developing and strengthening the EU Single Market, and to the competitiveness of the European industry in the Global Market. Based on these experiences, CEN and CENELEC believe that standards are crucial to ensure the success of the new European Commission.

The role of standards in implementing the EU’s policy priorities lies at the heart of the CEN and CENELEC Declaration “Standards Build Trust”. The Declaration underlines how standards can help make Europe a competitive, smarter and more sustainable economy for the benefit of all its citizens. It also points to their important contribution to the Union’s policy objectives and the many strategic decisions the new European Commission stands to make to in the coming five years.

A strategic roadmap for Standardization in the name of Europe

Many of the action areas in the work of CEN and CENELEC reflect a clear and close alignment with the priorities identified by Mme Von der Leyen. This includes the following strategic priorities:

  • Developing and strengthening the EU Single Market through the development of harmonised standards implementing EU legislation and favouring the adoption of new technologies and innovation;
  • Fully embracing the digital transition, by developing trustworthy standards on new technologies such as AI and smart society, to help make Europe “fit for the digital age”;
  • Ensuring the energy transition and fostering an environmentally-friendly economic model, helping Europe become a leader in a green economy, through items such as the ongoing work on Ecodesign and smart energy management;
  • increasing the role of Europe as a global economic player, by facilitating international trade and developing partnerships at the international level, thus establishing Europe as a “guardian of multilateralism”, as stressed by Mme Von der Leyen.

    “The European Standardization System, based on a voluntary and inclusive approach, has already shown its strength in supporting the EU’s policy making efforts”, commented Elena Santiago Cid, CEN and CENELEC Director General. “In this context, the five priorities identified in our Declaration are the foundation of our promise to provide support to the new European Commission. The standardization community is ready to cooperate, in the spirit of the New Legislative Framework, with the EU institutions to help Europe deliver on its promise”.

More information on CEN and CENELEC's Declaration "Standards Build Trust" can be found on the official website.

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