The Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC and lifts Directive 95/16/EC are within the scope of the 'new approach'. The major task of CEN's technical committees working in the machinery sector is the development of standards supporting the essential safety requirements of these directives.

CEN and CENELEC contact person: Mrs Joanna Frankowska

News and events

  • Advisory Nucleus Machinery Safety (Sector Forum) meetings - next meeting scheduled for 15 September 2016.

Technical bodies and activities

More than 50 technical bodies deal with the Machinery safety sector. The list is expanding regularly to include new areas.
Work Programme
For information concerning all the CEN Technical Committees involved in the Machinery Safety sector, please refer to the Machinery Safety Work Programme.

Sector Forum

A Sector Forum is a platform aiming at facilitating the exchange of information between the different stakeholders, coordinating and identifying the standardization needs in a specific field of CEN work.
Safety of Machinery Sector Network
The aims of the Safety of Machinery Sector Network are to:
  • coordinate the industrial sector needs as expressed within the CEN technical committees which deal with the standardization activities in the safety of machinery field;
  • provide solutions to the problems that are common across the 'Safety of Machinery Sector' and which arise during the standardization work;
  • identify new issues and analyze latest trends affecting safety of machinery;
  • interface with safety of machinery actions that come from the European Commission/European Free Trade Association and the European Parliament;
  • monitor and communicate the 'Safety of Machinery Sector' activities in the CEN System;
  • identify and meet the sector needs.

The structure of the Safety of Machinery Sector Network is the following:

Sector Rapporteur (Mr G. Steiger - VDMA, DE)
Safety of Machinery Advisory Nucleus (SMS AN)
the wider sector at large, i.e. the community of sector partners
The Rapporteur represents the sector in the CEN Technical Board.

The SMS AN is constituted and chaired by the Sector Rapporteur and comprises a balanced representation from the community of sector partners.

Meetings: The Safety of Machinery Sector Advisory Nucleus (SMS AN) meets up to twice a year to discuss important issues relevant for standardization in the field of machinery safety.

European legislation and mandates

Mandates (pdf format)
  • M/301 (2000) Mandate for the purpose of revising standards EN 1726-1 and EN 1459 relating to the safety of industrial trucks;
  • M/396 (2006) Mandate addressed to CEN, CENELEC for Standardization in the field of machinery;
  • M/435 (2008) for the development of a standards on inspection of pesticide application equipment in use;
  • M/437 (2008) - amendment of EN ISO 4254-1:2005 Agricultural Machinery - Safety – part 1: General requirements;
  • M/469 (2010) Mandate for Standardization in the field of circulators;
  • M/471 (2010) - Mandate addressed to CEN for standardization in the field of machinery for pesticide application;
  • M/498 (2011) Mandate addressed to CEN, CENELEC and ETSI for Standardization in the field of pumps

European Legislation


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