Standards help Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) to increase productivity and reach wider markets.  Here CEN and CENELEC provide information, tools and support to explain the benefits of standards, how to use them and the process of developing standards.

1. SME Toolbox of Solutions - Tools for SMEs

The knowledege you need at the touch of a button: discover the range of support tools provided by CEN and CENELEC for SMEs, keep-up-to-date on CEN and CENELEC's activities and get answers to your questions from the CEN-CENELEC Helpdesk. You can get a better understanding of standards, how you can use them to benefit your business, and how you can contribute to the development of standards. 

2. Initiatives for SMEs in standardization: SMEST

If you are part of the CEN and CENELEC Communities, or a SME-oriented organisation, the SME Standardization Toolkit (SMEST) offers you guidelines on how to: 

  • raise awareness;
  • provide information on standardization in Europe to SMEs;
  • promote SMEs participation in the European Standardization System

Major event : European Conference 'SMEs and Standardization' on 28 May 2013.  Presentations and programme.